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Hello there! I’m the VP of engineering at eVisit. We are growing the engineering team, and we’d like you to consider joining us.

I joined eVisit because I believe in the company’s mission: to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere. We are creating technology to make it simpler for you to connect with your doctor, without having to go into the office.

eVisit’s product is very popular among healthcare professionals. Usage increased by a factor of 10 in just a few months during 2020, and it’s accelerating. As you can imagine, the team needs to grow!

I came to eVisit to build the best telemedicine platform on the planet. If you join us in 2021, you can put your hand on the steering wheel with us and leave a big mark on this team and the entire healthcare industry. If you’ve ever wished you could look back at a hugely successful company and say “I was part of that”, this is your chance.

Where’s the job?

We are 100% remote, and staying that way. We are able to hire engineers in all 50 states and internationally. You can work from wherever you want. Our team was distributed internationally even before the pandemic. It’s baked into how we work.

We believe in test automation, and we believe it is everyone's job to develop tests. Our philosophy is that the only way to scale an engineering team's test capabilities is to have engineers involved in the test-writing process. What this means it that our QA engineers will focus on not just test writing, but also building a framework that other engineers can use to write their own tests. This is how we scale.

Test automation isn't just a nice thing we talk about. It's baked into our deployment process and our production monitoring. Over the next year, our QA engineers will build the systems that we rely on to safely ship new code to production every day, and to monitor our production systems, using the tools you create.

Our QA technology:

We don’t require every engineer to have experience with all our technologies, but we thought you’d like to know where we are today. If you know better technologies, we want to hear about them!
  • Nightwatch
  • TestRail
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • (and much more, with your help!)
Our interview process

We believe you shouldn’t have to disappear from your current job for an entire day to interview with us. We also believe you shouldn’t have to write code for a live audience, but rather we want you to code on your own time, in your own environment, where you do your best work.

Here’s how it works:
  • A 30-minute info call with our recruiter or VP of engineering
  • A 60-minute session with our QA engineering team.
  • A take-home coding exercise
  • A group session for you to meet the team
  • Ability to create tools that other developers can use to create automated tests
  • Coding skills in at least one programming language
  • Skills creating tests that execute in parallel on cloud infrastructure, such as AWS, BrowserStack, Appium.

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