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Keywords: remote etl python node redis

Remote within the U.S. -- $125k - $180k

Podsights is a small, distributed organization seeking an engineer to join growing team! Here's a little about us, a little about what we believe and what we are looking for.

Podsights is an attribution platform for podcast advertising. We likely work with your favorite publisher and handle over 4 billion events a month.

Our mission is simple, we are looking to grow the podcast industry. Far too many brands try a podcast advertising campaign and churn. Or worse: they don’t even try to enter the market. By providing a platform for brands to optimize results, we encourage investment in podcast advertising, and by proxy to publishers.

Your role will be more of a generalist, but with a focus on the data engineering side or in other words a jack of all data trades. On a given day, you may work on our data ingestion pipeline, the ETL system, or handling a client ask. The benefit of joining a small team is you will have a tremendous impact on the company’s direction, and to some extent, the industry.

The podcasting industry has seen a lot of growth in the past few years, and we believe it has more room to grow. Beyond growth, podcasting presents some interesting problems: its decentralized, RSS-based nature, and the various ways people can listen. Joining Podsights is an excellent opportunity to be hands-on with an evolving medium.

We believe that where you went to school has little bearing on your performance as a software engineer. Where you live isn’t a proxy for talent. Your current employer provides low signal about your future potential.

At Podsights, we look for ambition and curiosity. We love engineers that aren’t solely interested in the craft of developing software. Want to start a company of your own one day? Yes, we want to talk. Are you interested in the business side of software? Tell us more.

We want curious engineers. You take things apart and see how they work (the real test is if you can put them together too!).

Ideally, you will have 2+ years of experience as a software or data engineer. Our current stack includes Python, Google Cloud (Dataflow, Airflow, Spanner, BigQuery, etc.), Redis, Go, Node, and potentially whatever you bring to the table.

Our team consists of members of Embedly (acquired by Medium), Horizon Media, Claritas, NPM, and How Stuff Works. You can learn more about us here:

If the above interests you, drop us a note. We’re less worried about a resume (LinkedIn is fine), but more importantly, tell us about your ideal next role.

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