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If you’re any good at Ruby, the chance that you’re fiddling your thumbs at home, anxiously refreshing your inbox 20 times a minute hoping for a job offer, is rather slim. We know how it is.

Ahum. Here it comes.

What is Silverfin

First of all, we build a hell of a product and our customers love us. Even our customers’ customers love us. Silverfin solves a very real problem: it automates a large chunk of the repetitive tasks that people working in financial services spend their time on and improves communication with their customers.

What about our team?

Next to the bigger development team we have working on the main app, we have a fairly new team that works on bootstrapping third-party integrations, building advanced migrations tools, and helping customers and third-party developers with our API. This new team currently has a couple of junior Ruby developers eager to learn from an experienced colleague.

Although Silverfin is a global company, this team is currently mostly located in our Gent office. Working remotely is possible but we do hope you can visit our office a couple of times a year. Since we’re also looking for somebody who can mentor other team members, you’ll have to be open to remote coding sessions.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for somebody who’s really great

  • You need to be experienced in both Ruby and Rails and also know where the boundaries lie between them. You need to be able to code in Ruby without any of Rails’ training wheels.
  • You enjoy mentoring juniors and giving in-depth feedback during code reviews. While you appreciate the small stuff, you recognize bikeshedding and can avoid its pitfalls.
  • You code with reason and can justify the important decisions you made during development.
  • You know and apply best practices. That means the usual like version control, testing, and refactoring; but also good object-oriented design, DRY, SRP,…
  • You're aware of the trade-offs involved in proper engineering and can make balanced business decisions, keeping in mind all the stakeholders of the project.
  • You’ve got opinions on code design and you can stand by them, but you’re professional enough to not let them get in the way of a consensus if necessary.
  • You have good knowledge and foresight of potential performance issues that might arise when working with large datasets.
  • We’re not only working with our own API but also a bunch of external parties who speak JSON, REST, XML, or SOAP. You can not be afraid of WSDL and advanced XML parsing.

What we offer

  • Actual, proper work-life balance
  • Become a part of a new team full of people eager to learn from a more experienced Ruby developer
  • A stimulating work environment with passionate, friendly and inclusive colleagues who value diversity
  • A €1000 yearly budget to spend on conferences, courses, workshops or other expenses that will improve your skills


  • You have at least a couple of years of experience working with Ruby.
  • You love working on improving and maintaining a test-driven project.

Good to have

  • Experience as a mentor for junior developers
  • Experience in Fintech
  • Accounting knowledge

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