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We’re seeking a programmer to join our organization. Read on to learn what we’re looking for and what this job different from others.

If you’re like us, you find that the nature of your day-to-day work makes a much bigger difference than any peripheral perks like ping-pong tables and free snacks. Anybody can buy a pool table or a kegerator. What’s a lot harder to offer are things like a clean codebase and full test coverage.

Instead of the perks that normal companies advertise, we offer the following:
  • Permission to do your job the right way
  • The chance to work with smart people
  • The enjoyment of using modern development and DevOps practices
  • An environment of continuous improvement that will make you a better developer
If that sounds appealing to you, here’s a little bit about us as well as what we’d like to see in you.

Our practices

We employ modern development practices that allow us to move quickly, act on feedback and enjoy our work.
  • Automated testing, including TDD when it makes sense (we have 96% test coverage)
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment
  • Agile development practices with short feedback cycles
  • Object-oriented programming (to perhaps a further extent than most codebases)
  • Infrastructure as code
We’re big fans of the development principles of Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, Eric Evans, and Jez Humble. If their work resonates with you then you’ll probably enjoy the way we work. 

Our technologies 

Our tech stack is as simple as possible. We prefer to use solid old “boring” technologies.
  • A traditional, monolithic Ruby on Rails application with Stimulus JavaScript sprinkles
  • PostgreSQL 
  • RSpec and Capybara for testing 
  • AWS + Ansible for infrastructure 

What we do

We’re not a startup. We’re not even an online business. If you’re tired working on projects that never see the light of day or have little overall impact, working with us will probably be a breath of fresh air. All our feature requirements are based on real day to day problems and the results of your work will be tangible and meaningful.

About you

This isn’t specifically a junior- or senior-level position. We’re seeking someone with any level of experience beyond 3 years. We’re more interested in your character and intelligence than your years of experience or specific technical background.

We want someone with a high level of ambition who is eager to learn as much as possible and be highly productive. This isn’t about working crazy overtime but rather about being focused and serious.

This is a remote position which will require occasional travel to the Las Vegas, Nevada area. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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