Head Of Operations // Hasty Gmbh

Hasty | Berlin, Germany

Date listed

11 months ago

Employment Type

Full time



Total Funding

$184.7 billion

Keywords: photoshop

We at Hasty are looking for someone to join our growing team of 10 and help us run the ship. We are looking for someone who wants to join an early-stage venture-backed startup with strong traction and financing and be part of our experienced team. About the role: As a full-time employee, you will be working closely with the CEO in running the company and building key operational components of the business. It’s a real challenge, with a lot of strategic decisions to be made and critical processes to be put in place. Your work will have a tangible impact on the success of the company. Expect to work on diverse tasks where autonomy and an eye for detail will be needed. Tasks will range from setting up operational systems to daily todos. This job offers an interesting mix of strategic and operational daily tasks. This is a senior role and task definition and success measures will be decided together with leadership. We are a dynamic team that has a track record for being able to adapt quickly and execute well. The rest of the leadership team will always be there to support you but, as the intention is that you become part of that leadership team and to keep up the momentum, we also expect a certain level of ownership of tasks. About us: We are a Berlin-based startup that specializes in machine learning and computer vision. During the last 18 months, we built the top annotation tool on the market for machine learning and we are evolving that to cover more of the total user journeys to become a more comprehensive tool. If you’re not familiar with the concept of annotation, think about it like Photoshop - but instead of creating visuals, you are marking what is in an image to train an AI. Those markings or annotations, as they are called in the industry, are then used to give context for images to train machine learning algorithms. This is the bread and butter of modern vision AI development, and we are making this process up to 10x faster when compared to other tools, meaning that our users can build and train higher quality AI models much faster than ever before. We get that 10x gain in efficiency for users by offering a novel approach, where humans and machines can collaborate together in our UI. Our AI models create suggestions which users can then accept, reject, or edit. That feedback is then used to improve our models, which will create better suggestions leading to a virtuous cycle of increased efficiency and increased transparency into AI models. This is often referred to as the data flywheel Requirements: An output-oriented professional with at least 3 years of experience in running operations, project management or team lead roles. Strong communication skills and a penchant for gaining insights from data are required. Startup experience and a good degree are preferable. A high level of initiative, creativity and resilience will be needed for this role. Good command of both German and English is required. We need someone who cooperates well with others and takes the time to give constructive feedback to the rest of the team. The same care will be reciprocated. As the right hand to the CEO, a certain level of preemption and proactive thinking is required. Comfort in making decisions and taking responsibility for the outcome will be needed. Over time, you will also have the chance to build out your own team that takes control of overseeing and managing the operational aspects of all Hasty teams. This is a challenging role, but it will be a rewarding role too. What we offer: We offer a competitive salary package, flexible working hours and a lot of autonomy of how you do your work and how you structure your day. You will be given responsibility and have ownership of your tasks. As this is a senior role, you will also have the intended path of growing into the leadership team of Hasty. We are, of course, there to support you as you need. Last but not least, we think the major perk in working here is to work with a senior team of people who are both uniquely brilliant and great at supporting each other. We are firm believers that Hasty, the product, is great because we have done a good job in empowering our team. We would be excited to invite you to join our band of misfits.

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