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Our Mission: Our mission is to accelerate hardware creation by making tools that increase the speed and performance of engineering and manufacturing processes for mechanical engineers, roboticists, product designers, and beyond.

Our Company: We are a newly funded (Dec 2019), seed stage, pre-product-market fit company, and though we’re very early, we bring with us the experience and customers from building previous companies in this exact space. We’re led by seasoned entrepreneurs, bringing 100s of personal big client relationships in our industry with us, and have many years of runway ahead of us with money in the bank from some of the top VCs and angels in Silicon Valley. Many of our team members previously worked together at a startup, which has proven helpful in creating a trusted core team from the start. We’ve also conducted thorough customer research interviews, as well as industry / vendor research, etc. to confirm our hypotheses and strategy have a high probability of success.

We’re currently in stealth mode, so we’re not talking about our product or strategy publicly, so please reach out to us, and we’ll tell you all about it. Here is a public video and talk deck that will give you a taste of our broad vision for remaking how humanity designs and manufactures physical products. We know this is a teaser, but trust us, it’s worth it :-)

About the Role: We’re looking for a Senior Engineer to join our engineering team. You will report to the CTO and will push our development initiatives forward to build our MVP product and iterate to product-market fit by QE2 2021. To do so, you’ll work alongside the founding team to create the strategy and plan, and you’ll help mentor a team of engineers and outsourced development teams - helping build both our customer UX and core scalable data processing technology. This position offers potential opportunities to expand into leadership as the company grows.

Tech Stack: We use modern technologies to leapfrog others in our industry burdened by legacy stacks. We embrace the cloud, including containers and event-driven serverless architecture where it makes sense. Our web apps are built with node, typescript, vue, nuxt, and connect to backend systems that use GraphQL, Postgres, and Elasticsearch.

Our Founders: Volition was founded by Nick Pinkston (CEO) and Jeremy Herrman (CTO) who are veteran startup founders who previously co-founded Plethora together in 2013 where they built a new kind of highly flexible automated factory to speed up the prototyping and production process for some of the top hardware companies and products in the world. They grew the business to 80+ employees and millions in annual revenue before they left to start Volition, an even more ambitious and scalable project.

Our Team and Culture: We’re currently a small team of seven working remotely and plan to resume working together in our office in San Francisco once all is safe. We’re committed to building a strong culture that values developing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit, and we are in the process of integrating professional and personal development systems into our core company cadences. We’re committed to continually improving our hiring processes and policies to deliberately build the best team by drawing from many diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Our Compensation: We offer competitive salaries, significant stock options, good healthcare, and other benefits in-line with companies of similar size.

Our Risk Management: The world is crazy now with Covid-19, and we hope you, family, and friends are staying healthy. We want you to know that we’re well prepared for any crisis as we have raised enough capital to have several years of runway including new hires and other needs of our plan. Our target market is also highly stable, so we don’t anticipate much go-to-market risk even in the case of a prolonged recession.

We are committed to being an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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