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We're a small close-knit team backed by big company resources. We write mission-critical, robust software that's used by millions of Walmart's customers daily.
Our suite of software includes but is certainly not limited to:
- a large distributed system that processes all store transactions from every Walmart and Sam's Club store in the US. If you've ever used Walmart Pay, this is how you get your electronic receipt!
- a massive GraphQL service that powers all customer purchase & returns history for all platforms (written using our own open-source GraphQL implementation for Clojure: We roll out new marquee customer-facing features in this service almost weekly: everything from tire installation services to bakery orders to propane tanks.
- services to allow customers to manage and purchase care plans
- transactional push notifications
Our tech stack is: Clojure (for everything!), GraphQL, Cassandra, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Redis, Prometheus, Ruby (for some infrastructure tasks)
Here's a few things we value that you should have:
- A self-starter, self-accountable, curious, and DIY attitude. A lot of our bedrock technology is home-grown and written to solve our own unique Walmart-scale problems. One of the engineers on our team wrote an entire Clojure dialect (, and scripts written in that language now do a lot of heavy lifting of our own infrastructure.
- A good intuition for writing code that won't fall over under pressure and handles failure states well. We deploy daily and a null pointer might impact millions of requests in a few minutes.
- An interest in doing DevOps-y stuff and a high expectation in good monitoring. We have full ownership of the life-cycle of our code and the servers it runs on.
- The ability to think and work in functional languages (Clojure)
- Experience writing distributed systems with a lot of message passing

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