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The Senior Data Science TA Lead role will be responsible for the E2E code review process across the program, ensuring all allocated TA focal points are properly equipped to carry out their role both technically and administratively and they are properly allocated across current tasks according to their skills.

Tasks will include some of the following;

This is a hands on role – you will be actively assessing our programs ability to code and follow best practices and steer the group to adopt more advanced technologies and platforms in AI/ML (and create/embed those best practises where required).

The candidate will require strong coding skills and knowledge of best practices in coding as they will be responsible for driving and ensuring we have implemented and documented best coding practices for all relevant current and new tools in Shell as well as latest languages for data science.

  • MCDS – (Mathematics & Computers Data Science group) – the new role gets exposure to these academic teams like MCDS and P&TX (Projects and Technology) - You will be actively working with a peer group in MCDS to share best practises on behalf of our team, learn how other teams are managing these practices and bring any useful highlights back into our program (vice versa)
  • Group Data Science Standards – MCDS with our help are documenting group standards for Data Science, this role will be our voice working with that group to ensure it can fit with our ways of working or do we need to change and how?
  • Coding – you will still be coding and learning new skills – You will be the programs supreme knowledge base for coding and best practises and will need to ensure you are working with other groups in Shell to understand the next language and skills – (in meetings with P&TX and MCDS), to review new practises and introduce them into the program via our own COE & portfolios etc.
  • You be responsible for the TA roles in the program and ensuring they have the right skills for carrying out peer reviews across all tools and technologies, working along side then in a peer review process and updating our own process documents when required – additionally work with peers in MCDS to ensure we are aligned and perhaps in future arrange peer reviews across teams (FO and P&TX etc)
  • You will be responsible to the E2E Tech Audit process and ensuring this is in-line with the MCDS group process and standards - MCDS can also lead you to think of career progression towards more IC roles like principal data scientist and PSE (principal science expert) which is also about influencing larger communities on applying the right advanced techniques, and bringing newer things into the group.
  • You will be working with the Emerging Technologies team for our program to understand new data science tools / platforms / new code libraries and ensure we are part of testing and roll outs and regularly update the program (like Auto-ML etc)
  • The role is new and a blank canvas; the successful person will be able to create this role and its scope as it evolves within our program. (with guidance)

The role may also carry out their own code reviews where a solution maybe complex or of a very advanced nature, this maybe as an I/C or in support of a current TA role.

The role will also be the interface between FO DS program and the MCDS team in P&TX and attend regular meetings as required to share best practices and ensure we are compliant with centrally managed MCDS standards for Data Science and be our voice into these conversations (and setting these meetings up if required).

In future this role will also take on the management of the PMO team, the timing for this will be agreed with the program manager; but will not be before 12 months have been completed to allow the role to mature.


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