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Sweeps (Yc W20) | Europe

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2 months ago

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Full time



Sweeps is building a third-party manager that makes any website 40% faster by optimizing how it loads tools such as analytics, marketing tech, advertising, widgets, CRM, and more. It is a complete solution to implementing, monitoring, and managing an entire third-party stack.

Backed by Y Combinator, PICO Partners, F2 Capital, and other international VC firms, Sweeps already has partnerships with companies such as Twitch, Razorpay, BetterHelp, 2U and more. This is an opportunity to join us as a first employee in building our core infrastructure, and grow with the company to become a technology leader.

Who are you?

  • You are seeking an opportunity to take part in an early- stage technology startup, as part of the core team. Building the product from ideation to production excites you and doesn’t scare you!
  • You aspire to build technology that will be used by top internet companies around the world, changing the way engineering teams work everywhere.
  • You LOVE the internet, you understand how it works, and you care about making it faster.
  • You deliver, with responsibility and great outcomes. If something stands in your way, you'd do everything it takes to solve it.
  • You love solving challenging technological problems. You find solutions that are innovative, not just a little better.
  • You enjoy the efficiency of remote work, but also enjoy working with other people. You value an atmosphere that allows people to be who they are, while pushing them to constantly grow.
  • You have good written communication skills. You enjoy writing/reading articles and you communicate clearly in English.


  • Work as part of a small team on building a blazing fast server-side application that generates custom scripts for visitors and acts as a data sink to different third party providers.
  • Adapt browser-side third- party code to the Sweeps product.
  • Participate in discussions about the direction the product is taking.
  • Design, develop, and maintain related microservices by yourself.
  • Code in collaboration, commit code early and often, iterate fast and be ready to adapt to new needs.

What you will get?

  • Competitive salary and equity options. We want you to take part in the company's equity structure, our success is your success.
  • Enjoy remote work benefits. Work from home if you enjoy that, or rent a space in your favorite co-working space, we'll cover the costs.
  • Learn by working with leading internet companies around the world.
  • Grow and develop your business and/or technology skills. Every one of our employees is encouraged to be constantly learning. You will get the time and space you need to acquire new skills and we will also match you with mentors to help you grow.
  • Annual company retreat to an awesome place. (Covid19)
  • Unlimited vacation policy.
  • Sweeps is committed to diversity, inclusiveness, and global citizenship. We are still a very small team, but you can expect the company to include people from diverse backgrounds and from different locations around the world.

Skills and Qualifications

  • You have at least 4 years of hands-on experience with Node.js. You’ve played with Express.js, Webpack, Babel and Axios, and you can easily build an HTTP API server yourself.
  • You have at least 2 years of hands-on experience with browser-side JavaScript. You’re very familiar with the ecosystem of front-end javascript frameworks. You’ve built SPAs before, and you know how integrating a third-party to a website looks like.
  • You thoroughly understand cookies, browser caching and the HTTP protocol. You know how HTTP methods differ from each other, and you can explain their limitations and use cases. You know concepts like load balancing and reverse proxies.
  • You have built tools that integrated different APIs and you can share examples. You have demonstrable knowledge of either Vue or React.
  • Advantage - proven experience with either of the following technologies: Web Workers API, CloudFlare Workers, AWS Lambda, EJS templating, Web Storage API, TypeScript, WebSockets.

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