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Ambassador Labs (Previously Datawire) | Boston, United States

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Ambassador Labs is solving interesting problems for cloud native developers in the Kubernetes space. Our mission is to make the complexities of developing, deploying, and operating micro-services on Kubernetes as straightforward as doing so on your own laptop. We believe that a world class user experience is at the core of making this possible and our Design team is a key strategic partner collaborating with Product and Engineering in this effort.

About the role

We’ve been successful at building and growing our products with part-time design help, but our vision and goals are large enough that it’s now time to build a multi-person, full-time Design team, the leader of which is the Lead Product Designer. We’re looking for you: someone with a passion for owning the complete design lifecycle including developing early concepts and research, iterating on refined designs, collaborating with engineers, and getting feedback from customers on delivered features.

You’ll lead the design vision and strategy across initiatives, working with stakeholders in Product and Engineering as well as helping to build the Design team - this is the “Founding Designer“ role here at Ambassador Labs. You’ll help refine our processes around how we operate and coordinate with our counterparts in Product and Engineering as well as play a key role in establishing and evolving an internal Design system that is used consistently across all products.

We have loosely adopted Basecamp’s Shape-Up approach to development by undertaking well-shaped projects in six-week cycles. We’ve been using Figma to communicate designs and will want to continue to do that. As a team, our focus is firmly on products that help users make the shift to the cloud with Kubernetes, front and center. We’re most known for our flagship product Ambassador and are investing heavily in other rising stars like Delivery Accelerator, Developer Portal, Service Preview, and Kubernetes Initializer.

Ambassador Labs is experiencing tremendous growth which makes this rare Founding Designer opportunity both fun and challenging.


  • Own and drive the complete design project lifecycle (early concepts, user research, refined mocks, usability, collaborating with engineers on bringing it to life)
  • Drive continuous feedback with customers by partnering with Product Managers and our Customer Success team.
  • Lead our design vision & strategy across all initiatives, partnering with other members of the design team
  • Define our design system as well as our process of working with project collaborators in Product and Engineering.
  • Communicate with stakeholders including the CEO, COO, and SVP Engineering.


  • Experience in full cycle design process i.e. wireframes and mockups, cross functional collaboration, end user feedback and iteration.
    5-8 years of experience designing enterprise SaaS software solutions. Bonus is additional design experience with CLIs.
  • A portfolio showcasing your track record of shipping product experiences, including your design process.
  • As the “founding designer”, you need to be more entrepreneurial and results-driven than usual.
  • It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Excellent visual and written communication skills.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Early-startup stock options
  • The usual suite of benefits including health plans, 401k, etc.
  • Flexible PTO
  • We were WFH-friendly before everyone switched to WFH, and we will be WFH-friendly in the future as well

How to Apply
We are looking forward to hearing from you. We move quickly and decisively. We don’t need to talk to 20 other candidates to make a decision, so if the fit feels right on both sides, we will make it happen! The first step is speaking to our People Person. Our interview process for this Founding Designer role is more rigorous than for some of other roles and includes a portfolio walkthrough, a process and working style interview, a real-time design exercise, and your talking to key team members. We want to hear about your real-life experience and successes, especially the products that you’ve shipped and the users that you’ve made happy.

We strongly believe that Ambassador Labs’ success is dependent on hiring a diverse team. Diversity means a broader spectrum of opinions, ways of working and approaches to solving problems; we feel it is critical to helping drive the creativity, innovation and sound decision-making our customers love us for!

This is a demanding application process and a significant career move that’s well worth considering. We appreciate you giving us that consideration, and we promise to give you our full attention in return. Talk to you soon!

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