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Soteris ( is a YC-backed company with a multi-year runway and almost $1mm of contract revenue serving a $5 trillion industry: insurance.
We write machine learning software to more accurately price insurance. The way insurance rates are currently set results in massive inefficiencies that increase prices for policyholders like you and me. I previously spent two years building a $750mm insurance company out of a $16 billion hedge fund, from which I know for a fact that a machine learning approach to routing and pricing risk is orders of magnitude better than what the largest insurers do - and our customer list is proof of that claim. Our model is almost doubling policy profitability for our first customer, and they’re planning to reduce rates for at least 80% of their applicants as a direct result of using our software. I think that’s pretty cool.
Our team is currently three PhDs with over 20 combined years of experience deploying algorithms in financial and technical product markets: myself, a head of research, and a machine learning engineer. We’re looking to scale up our operations, and given that, we’re hiring for three roles:
- back-end engineer;
- back-end engineering lead; and
- product lead.
Currently we run on AWS and our entire stack is in Python, though you don’t need any experience in Python so long as you have the aptitude to learn it. We’re working remotely for the time being, but after the pandemic subsides, we’ll be based here in San Francisco.
If you’re interested, check us out at - we’d love to hear from you!