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Grouparoo is a venture-backed software company building open source data infrastructure that make data reliable, accessible, and actionable. Our aim is to make a no-code tool for business users to understand and take action on their customer data, while making it easy for technical users to install and maintain. Funded by top-tier investors, Grouparoo is creating open-core applications to simplify and automate the data syncing process within companies, solving both technical and organizational challenges.
As our first hire, you’ll be responsible for helping to craft the roadmap, developing features, fixing bugs, and building products that make our customers happy. We are a small team, and so we are looking for generalist engineers who are interested in learning about a wide variety of tools and technologies rather than becoming experts in any one part of the stack. We connect many different APIs, databases, and vendors, so there’s always something new to learn.
We work in the open using an XP-inspired, open-source process driven by Stories and Pull Requests. Grouparoo is written in Typescript, and we use React, Actionhero, and Next.js as our major building blocks. Since we are building tools for others to use, we care a lot about the developer experience and how easy it is to install and run our products.
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