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Neeve Research offers a distributed data and compute framework, called X Platform, that is used to process massive amounts of big and fast data in real time.
X combines in-memory big-data storage (high 10s of TB), fast-data streaming, and real-time data processing (10s of ms to μs) in a single holistic offering thus supercharging the data management, real-time compute and analytical capabilities of the enterprise. X based systems are microservices based in which each microservice manages private, completely durable, in-memory state, that is horizontally scalable, fault tolerant, ultra-performant and collaborates with other Microservices using fire-n-forget, exactly once message passing. X is being used to implement a wide variety of enterprise systems ranging from high performance data stores, low latency stream processors, real-time analytics engines and machine learning pipelines to complex, highly collaborative miroservices applications.
Our customers include Fortune Global 500 Bank, who is using us to power their Equity Trading platform, and Fortune 500 travel and hospitality giant, using us as the backbone of their e-commerce system for point of sales personalization.