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We're building intuitive software for dealing with high severity incidents (SEVs). We have folks near Montreal and in New York City, but are open to hiring anywhere (relocation not required).
At Kintaba, we believe that failure isn't a dirty word, but a critical component of growth. We're building tools to empower organizations to not only fix failure quickly, but to learn from failure.
We realize that great engineers come from all sorts of different backgrounds. We're not looking for someone with X years experience, or someone who is an expert in certain technologies. Instead, we're looking for someone who embraces Kintaba's growth mindset. You may fit for this role if you:

  * Are able to dive into the unknown New codebase? New tools? No problem! You feel comfortable taking on a task where all of the details haven't been figured out yet.
  * Have a tools building mindset You're constantly looking to make work more fun, the code more stable, and make the manual automated.
  * Are a strong generalist You feel comfortable wearing multiple hats: backend today, frontend tomorrow, helping a customer the next day.
  * Are a pragmatic decision maker You're able to settle on good when perfect isn't an option. You can work with codebases filled with decisions you didn't make or don't necessarily agree with. You can settle on gradual evolution over large scale refactors.
  * Don't play the blame game When things you wrong, you're not looking for who's responsible, but what you can do to fix the issue, and how you can prevent it in the future.
  * Have good debugging skills

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