Devops Lead (Docker, Kubernetes)

Sita | Aldershot

Date listed

2 weeks ago

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Full time



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3/5 (503 reviews)

Looking for highly motivated DevOps engineers who apply their skills to design and evangelise a move to container-based solutions for a successful worldwide business providing Border management solutions.

Your role will involve:
• Thinking out of the box to solve complicated infrastructure and operational quandaries. 
• Embracing new technologies, while your end solutions are clean, maintainable and reusable automation scripts that ensuring reproducible results and building for an operations environment. 
• Collaborating with software engineers, system operators and other IT professionals to enable continuous code releases. 
• Crossing and merging the barriers that exist between software development, testing, and operations teams while keeping existing networks in mind as you and your team design, plan and test solutions. 
• Seeing hardware and deployments as simply more code that needs to be written as part of the development life cycle.
• Having a solid background in development and build solutions to succeed.

We would like it if you have the following experience, knowledge and qualifications:
• Good experience as a DevOps engineer
• Good experience in popular languages such as Java/JavaScript/ Python
• An understanding of distributed systems, service architectures, cloud native systems, the problems they attempt to solve as well as the related trade-offs to contribute to feature and service design
• Exposure to Elastic Search, Kafka, MongoDB
• Experience of solving performance and latency issues
• The ability to fully understand the application architecture you need to deploy
• Full stack development is a plus in this role, but not essential
• Public cloud experience (AWS/Azure/GCP)
• “Azure DevOps” experience
• Proven experience with production systems and dealing with production issues
Expert knowledge of:
ContainerisationDocker and Kubernetes, Harbor, Anchore, Rancher
• Configuration management tools and Infrastructure-as-Code tooling and practices
• Domain-specific languages (Chef, Ansible, Salt, Puppet, Terraform,)
• Continuous integration tooling (Jenkins)
• Continuous delivery tools and patterns (Gitops, Blue/Green, Progressive Delivery)
• Systems monitoring, alerting and analytics (ELK, EFK, Nagios)
• Grafana, Prometheus
• Git and various branching models