Senior Graphic Designer

Keyper Company | Thousand Oaks, Ca

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3 weeks ago

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Job description

Our company creates compelling, viral content for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. But not just any content, at Keyper Company we have a shared passion for spreading enthusiasm for life and uplifting our global community. To bring these values to life we create viral content, learn from the data (analytics), and improve our approach constantly so that we can have a positive impact on as many people’s lives as possible.

Some quick stats: Our YouTube channel has over 21 million subscribers, pulls in 120+ million views per month and has over 4 billion views.

As Senior Graphic Designer, you will create one thumbnail per week from concept to completion with a focus on making it eye-catching, super easy to understand, and most importantly, VIRAL!

• Research/find trending thumbnails on YouTube
• Research and formulate original ideas that can be turned into viral thumbnails
• Create mock-up images that communicate the concept clearly, concisely and with a high chance of being clicked on by our demographic
• Direct and photograph the assets you need for the thumbnail
• Find assets online for the thumbnail
• Make the whole image and everything within it look like it exists in real life (i.e. realistic)
• Work very quickly and effectively maintaining a high level of quality so that a thumbnail can be produced from concept to completion within 5 days
• Use creative problem solving and get scrappy when building the thumbnail
• Implement an advanced understanding of design fundamentals every day
• Constantly evaluate and adapt your thought process so that it is aligned with the audience
• Take initiative and ownership of your responsibilities

• Mastery of Adobe Photoshop
• Experience implementing an advanced understanding of design fundamentals to create imagery from concept to completion
• Experience creating imagery that looks realistic in proportion, lighting and texture
• Photography experience using a DSLR camera (preferably a Canon 5D Mark IV)

• Multiple years of experience figure drawing and/or life drawing
• Experience prioritizing projects, tasks and deadlines
• Experience working in a fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace
• Have a native understanding of YouTube and social media in general (meaning you actually consume the majority of your media on social media for entertainment daily)
• Experience implementing learnings from analytics is a plus
• 3D modeling experience is a plus