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We are the Business planning company which has engineer resources in South East Asia region. Providing the system development service to Japanese market mainly from business planning phase to growth phase.

Since we started 3 years ago as start-up, we increase the resource of people nearly 120 people including Planning team and Development team.

This time we are thinking to increase the project in Japanese market, we are looking for UI/UX Designer since our project often related to BtoC Business.

Our client mainly related to Entertainment field like concert & event ticket service, also they already have amount of user to provide, so the Project to provide those kind of people are really exciting.

Your role would be UI/UX Designer who can work with Planner (Planner in our group often work on the planning of service also writing Wireframe), work together to determine customer experience and bring up to the idea of screens which will customer could love.

You can have an experience as not only the normal visual designer of application, but also you can learn the phase of building the concept of application also how you can express those idea or concept to app itself.

We expect to work with you remotely not full time in the office (mainly using Slack communication also Voice meeting) or Tokyo office (Ginza SIX) or Vietnam (Da nang).

* We only accept the person who live in Tokyo this time, still you can work in the office and also remotely sometime.

To apply this position:

Please kindly send a facebook message to us, we can have an interview with you online or offline.


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Ticket service

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