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Hi there! I'm looking for someone to help design a nice and easy but very clean and crisp UI/UX for an iOS app that will help "check in" with users to make sure they're doing okay. Here's the concept...

We are building an MVP for a "Wellness Check" app. It's a SaaS-based model where users receive push notifications and/or text messages to check in on their well being, etc.

User signs up, puts in personal information as well as emergency contact information (emergency contact would then be sent an email confirmation), puts payment info in, selects how often and when they want to be notified, how they want to be notified (call, text or email), and that's it really.

Then the idea is a user receives a notification, or prompt, asking "Bob, are you okay" and then Bob would select a "Yes" or "No". If no response, or "No" is selected, they then receive another notification 15 minutes later. If no response after 15 minutes then their emergency contacts are notified. If no response from emergency contacts after 30 minutes then the police would be notified to do a "Wellness Check".

If possible, the app would also have the option that rather than just "Yes/No" might also be able to select a number on a scale, i.e. "Bob how are you today on a scale of 1-10" and then "Bob" would select his number.