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Third Bridge Creative is seeking proposals from designers and small agencies to redesign our current website, with a target re-launch date of July 1, 2020. We’re looking for a creative but simple execution that concisely conveys our service offering to prospective clients and differentiates us from our competitors. 

About Our Company

Founded in 2015 by Sam Chennault and Garrett Kamps, Third Bridge Creative is a global marketing agency that provides editorial, curation, and other media services to an elite list of clients, including the top music streaming services, major record labels, and entertainment brands. Our pedigreed team of over 150 creatives includes regular contributors to top global publications, including Pitchfork, The Fader, NY Times, Guardian UK, The New Yorker, and many more. We combine their passion and experience with our homegrown content platform, providing an array of customized, client-specific content solutions at massive global scale. 

Current and Former Clients: Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Ticketmaster, Universal Records, Warner Bros. Records, StubHub, The New Yorker, Slate, Native Instruments, Mutek, KEXP. We also provide white-label editorial and curation services to many of the top music streaming platforms. 

What We’re Looking For

  • Creativity and Storytelling. We want an individual or small agency with a clear POV and a track record for balancing creativity with clear storytelling. Third Bridge and our customers have a passion for culture and cultural curation — with an emphasis on music — and we want a site that conveys that passion.  
  • Differentiation. We want our site to set us apart from our competition, leaning into our key differentiators: our diverse base of blue-chip clients; the experience and leadership of our core team; the quality of the work we provide; and the efficiency and scale we deliver to our clients. 
  • Speed and Agility. We’re looking to have this live by July 1, so our design needs to work for that timeline and be scoped accordingly. We don’t need a lot of bells and whistles — a savvy Wordpress execution would do just fine. 
  • One-stop-shop. You and/or your team should be able to both design and build the site, as well as be available to provide ongoing support. 
  • Budget. $15K, give or take. 

How to Pitch: Tell us a bit about your shop, share some examples of recent work that aligns with what we’re looking for, and tell us how you’d execute this project. Give us a feel for what you’d build and how you’d build it. Point us to illustrative examples. We’re not picky on the format, but ya know...this is a design gig. Send materials to: [email protected]