Developer Advocate

Infracloud Technologies | Pune, India

Date listed

1 month ago



Total Funding

$104.2 billion

Keywords: express

We at InfraCloud are on a mission to democratize cloud-native open source technologies and help its adoption.

What we are looking for?

  1. We are looking for developer advocate who can quickly learn new cloud-native technologies.
  2. Build demos, integrations, sample applications and is brave enough to try out open source projects even in the alpha stage.
  3. Help the adoption of cloud-native tech by building content – blogs/tutorials/technical guides/case studies, etc.
  4. Ideally are an engineer by vocation but a writer at heart and can quickly express complex technologies in plain English
  5. Understand the technology stack and like to dabble into programming.

What you will be learning and doing?

  1. You will be dabbling with new cloud-native technologies on a daily basis.
  2. Write API integrations, deploy, implement and test various open-source projects and understand these OSS projects from the users' perspective.
  3. Document these OSS projects and write about new integrations, sample applications and create step-by-step guides by first trying it out yourself.
  4. Champion cloud-native technologies at various forums like meetups/conferences.
  5. Work with other engineers and OSS project contributors to constantly keep learning about new OSS projects and new features.

If this role excites you, you can apply for the developer advocate role here