Senior Software Developer - Genomics

Wellcome Sanger Institute | Hinxton

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GB£42k - GB£50k

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About the Programme:

The Sanger Institute, along with other partners, has launched the Darwin Tree of Life project to provide high-quality genome assemblies for all eukaryotic species in the Atlantic Archipelago of Britain and Ireland. This project will significantly contribute to the goals of the global Earth Biogenome Project, fundamentally changing scientific knowledge of evolution and interactions among millions of the planet’s organisms.

About the Team:

We are building a software development team who will design, build, install and maintain a series of high throughput pipelines for genome assembly and analysis. These pipelines will sit at the heart of the Tree of Life programme and be used extensively by the Sanger Institute and other scientists.

 About the Role:

We are seeking both a Senior Software Developer to contribute to building and optimising the computational infrastructure required to scale genome assembly within this project, streamlining the processing of terabytes of raw data. This will build on Sanger's world-class computational resources, including an OpenStack private cloud environment, a 15,000+ core computational cluster and many petabytes of high-speed distributed file systems and object stores.

 About You:

Team members will be expected to work independently at a technical level, while collaborating closely with colleagues on systems development, and to be comfortable communicating directly with scientific researchers regarding analysis requirements. Recent graduates are also encouraged to apply, although it is strongly desirable that any candidate has substantial development experience outside of coursework (e.g. work experience, participation in open source projects). Bioinformatic/biological knowledge is not essential for this role, but an interest in the science on campus and desire to learn bioinformatic concepts is important.

 Essential Skills:

  •  Experience in software development, preferably in a scientific environment
  • Knowledge of core computer science concepts and practices 
  • Capable of quickly learning and using the most suitable programming language for the job, including both interpreted and compiled languages 
  • Experience with git and GitHub 
  • Expert knowledge of unix based operating systems, libraries, and tools 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, motivation and attention to detail
  • Experience of working in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders

 Ideal Skills: 

  • Experience in bioinformatics analysis and tools 
  • Experience with relational and non-relational databases 
  • Experience with high performance computing environments (e.g. LSF or Slurm) 
  • Knowledge of virtualization/containerisation technologies (Docker, Singularity) 
  • Knowledge (or experience) of Cloud environments (OpenStack, GCP, AWS) and workflow languages (CWL, NextFlow, Snakemake) 
  • Familiarity with Cloud technologies (e.g. Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, GitHub CI) 
  • Experience with high performance computing environments (e.g. LSF or Slurm)