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We are in the early stages of building an interactive mobile app that will use live video and contests/games. We're looking for an incredible designer to crank out an initial video prototype for us. Here's what we mean by "video prototype":

  • High definition video file showing walkthrough of the app - including multiple scenes and animated interactions
  • The the main scene itself entails sample video content playing in order to demonstrate the live video feature - we will give you the sample content.
  • Ideally made using Sketch + After Effects

We are a team of 2 - one software engineer and strategy / product leader. We are very familiar with the product design process and will send you sketch screens, sample videos and super clear instructions to get you started. We will be there to help and give feedback as much or as little as you want until we're both satisfied. We understand how important it is to always pay freelancers promptly and fairly.

Ignore the URL –– send an email to [email protected] if you are interested.