Os Performance Tools Engineer

Apple | Cupertino

Date listed

7 months ago

Employment Type

Full time



Total Funding

$6.2 billion

Glassdoor Rating

4/5 (15000 reviews)

Keywords: embedded ios unix ux

Why Apple? The OS Performance Tools team is looking for generalist developers interested in working on projects that span from embedded to UI apps to server-side data processing. Our work enables iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS to perform well, and gives 3rd party developers the tools and data they need to easily write great performing apps. A successful candidate may have experience with a specific layer of software (e.g. embedded, UI, server) but an interest in learning how the entire stack and flow of information works.

Work on performance tools that model various aspects of Apple’s Operating Systems to enable teams to tackle challenging multi-functional performance problems. You will be solving problems in the areas of usability/UX, cross-platform compatibility, and techniques for debugging performance issues across the OS. Our team owns a wide variety of software across the entire Apple platform from on-device performance analysis to server-infrastructure for data processing. An ideal candidate will be ambitious and grow to understand many layers of software.

Skills & requirements

  • Expertise in at least one layer of software development (embedded, UI, server)
  • You seek learning new technologies
  • Aptitude to independently learn new technologies, prototype and propose software design and solutions
  • Passion for product quality and attention to detail
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Excellent problem solving and critical thinking
  • Prior development in Unix, Linux, or macOS
  • Excellent spoken and written communication

CS degree or equivalent experience
  • Tool and automation development
  • Understanding of Operating System fundamentals
  • Large data processing
  • Complex data visualization