Senior Devops Engineer

Decisio Health Inc. | Houston

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4 months ago

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Full time

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You'll be part of the team responsible for building and maintaining CI/CD from the microservice, to the platform responsible for deploying, to the analytics and monitoring of production instances. Coding skills are a requirement due to Infrastructure as code. Experience with Python and GO is a plus as our microservices are Python 3 and GO is used in Kubernetes customizations.

Some of the things you'll be working on:

  • VMware and AWS Terraform/Kubespray platform deployment, upgrades, maintenance.

  • Automation: Deploying our microservices to staging, production, and on-prem development

  • Automation: QA pipeline and testing suite

  • Monitoring and alerts with Datadog, Grafana, Jaeger, Prometheus

  • Development platform with tools like Skaffold

  • Security with Vault, WSO2, Apogee, Dex/Keycloak and Let’s Encrypt

  • Packaging with Helm 3 and Packer

You’ll be joining an experienced team that uses modern tools (not limited to) Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Packer, Vault, GitHub, Codefresh, and Datadog. We use GitHub for version control and Trello for project organization.


  • You’re able to get things done with little hand holding

  • You take security and quality very seriously

  • You have extensive experience with containerization

  • You have extensive experience with orchestration tools such as Terraform, Kubernetes, Packer, and Ansible

  • You have extensive experience with packaging tools like Helm

  • You have extensive experience with TLS certificates and management with ACME compatible CA’s like Let’s Encrypt.

  • You have extensive experience on the command line and writing shell scripts

  • You have experience with CI/CD pipelines like Codefresh/Travis

  • You have experience with version control like Git

  • You have experience with monitoring infrastructure and code using tools like Datadog, Grafana, Jaeger, and Prometheus

  • You have experience with authorization middleware such as WSO2, Apogee, Keycloak, or Dex


  • Python 2/3 experience

  • GO experience