Diligent Part-Time Assistant To Ceo: Consistent, Stable, Supportive Role

Course Concierge | North America Only

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4 months ago

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Hi there,

My name’s Edward. I’m co-founder of Course Concierge, the online course publishing house. I’m looking for a remote, part-time assistant to my business partner, Till H. Gross.

If you are someone who…

- likes routine and has a great attention to detail;
- is diligent and reliable;
- and enjoys being in a supportive role;

…this is a listing worth reading to the end, and considering.

We need someone who:

- Loves “tidying processes”. With myriad systems, you’d take great delight in straightening them.

- Enjoys the role of being a supportive right-hand. Whether it’s helping Till update his credit card on a magazine subscription or finding a nice hotel for his parents to stay while they’re in town.

- Has a felicity with numbers and detail. We’re after someone who carries extreme attention to detail (simple spreadsheets included), and who can make sure all runs to schedule.

We’re looking for someone who can both support Till administratively in operating the company, and assist him with his personal life admin.

Duties will include:

- Managing continued administrative setup of the company: bank accounts, paying bills, checking credit/debit card statements, tracking receipts and working between our accountant and bookkeeper. 

- Booking flights, accommodation, conference tickets, and helping Till with travel.

- Supporting Till with life admin - finding a new shelf online for his office, researching a good kindergarten for his twin boys, sending flowers for his mother’s birthday...

- Light research and tracking things down online: finding an email address of someone Till wants to reach out to, looking for a rare book or podcasts on a topic Till is fascinated with...

- Processing clients’ earnings: gathering revenue figures, reconciling statements, calculating distributions, and sending payments. Coming in with some light bookkeeping experience would be no bad thing.

- Overseeing simple HR like approving payroll, paying team members, collecting W-9s from vendors and working with our HR manager.

We’re after someone who exemplifies diligence, stability and consistency, and who could be in the role for years to come.

Till’s two TEDx talks have together been watched by 2.6 million people. He has spoken at events such as the European Congress for Psychology and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. He was nominated as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and his work has been featured on outlets such as Entrepreneur, Lifehacker and the Tim Ferriss Podcast.


The role will be roughly 15–20 hours per week (potentially a bit more at the start), and pay will be set at a competitive rate.

Applicants can be based anywhere in North America. (For picking up certain security text codes, we do need you to be in North America.)

If interested in the role, please write back ([email protected]) with a short letter noting your experience and why you think you’d be a good fit. Do not send a CV of any kind – we’re not interested in where you went to school, just that you can do it. We’ll focus all attention on quality of cover note.

We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for those who stand out, we will be in touch to discuss next steps. (If you haven’t heard back within two weeks of writing, please assume on this occasion you haven’t been selected for an interview.)

Thank you for considering the position and reading until this point. If you’re on the fence about applying: please do. Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you,