Software Engineer (Js, React, Css, Ux)

Broadway.Com | New York

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8 months ago

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Full time

Who we are

At the result of your work will be seen and used by millions of people—tourists, theater lovers, students, groups, etc. Your creative and analytical efforts will play a role in their overall Broadway experience.

We believe in user-centered design principles. We focus on customer’s job-to-be done priorities. We employ the "don't make me think" user experience philosophy. We use research and creativity to elevate the experience, and we analyze our decisions to ensure the quality of the products we build.

From the technology side, we use HTML, JS, CSS, Sass, ReactJS, Typescript, AWS, Python, Cypress, Django, Swift, MySQL, Docker, and Webpack… among other things. Our team is passionate, professional, and all care deeply about our teammates, our customer experience, and the quality of the software that supports it.

We challenge ourselves to improve the customer experience and grow our skills. The greatest successes are from team efforts, listening, sharing, iterating on our process, and improving ourselves from lessons learned throughout our journey. Let’s create something awesome together.

We also go to conferences, offer plenty of learning resources, enjoy summer Fridays, and a handful of other fun things we hope to tell you about.

Our Values

Our core values are based on the foundation of respect, trust, accountability, productivity, candor, and support. We value positivity, quality, and collaboration, among others. We’re excited to discuss and share more about our values and qualities we expect of our team members and what you should expect of us. We’re always looking to improve and expect all team members to participate in our evolution.

What you'll do

If you were working for us, here are some of the things you may have done last week, among other things…

  • Participated in product reviews with your team and stakeholders.
  • Use Django templates to markup solutions using HTML, Sass, and Javascript
  • Develop and collaborate on React component iterations and SPA React experiences
  • Deployed a new experience you’ve been working on that went through prototyping, and testing, but failed in a live a/b experiment… and learned from it.
  • Pitched a different implementation of a design deliverable you received by prototyping your concept.
  • Developed Javascript code that interfaces with an external API and handles the API response gracefully, creating an efficient and fluid customer experience.
  • Worked closely with a QA Analyst to review a bug in your code.
  • Reviewed how a new design fits into our existing UI library, worked towards reducing duplicate styles, removed extraneous elements, and kept your code lean and DRY.
  • Worked within the constraints of business requirements and timelines.
  • Identified new opportunities to improve the customer experience.
  • Other front-end development related tasks as needed

Tools We Use

  • Git, Javascript, React, Cypress, Typescript, Python, Django, Sass, Slack, Invision, Docker, Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, Lambda, etc), MySQL, and many others


We focus on elevating the customer experience through creative and thoughtful solutions and we are responsible for supporting our solutions in collaboration with the devops team. We’re looking for someone with experience with the below...

  • You are proficient with HTML, CSS, JS and Git.
  • You are extremely comfortable with vanilla Javascript and can build and support React components and applications.
  • You know what BEM, OOCSS and SMACSS are, and why they are important.
  • You have 2+ years developing, deploying, and supporting a production, responsive web application with a team.
  • You have of a portfolio of well executed, engaging and interactive product development, including API integration, lazy loading, animation, and various user experience enhancements to improve the quality and feel of the product experience.
  • You are able to debug issues with urgency to work towards a solution.
  • You are able to communicate complex solutions into clear, actionable items, and communicate the current state of progress with clarity.
  • You test your code across browsers, platforms, and devices.
  • You clearly communicate risk.

Who you are

Understanding our shared expectations is key to a successful relationship. The ideal candidate for this role meets or exceeds these expectations. You are in alignment with our values and goals. We’ll share and discuss more of this as we learn about each other...

  • You are a professional and you’re passionate about your craft.
  • You care about your work and how it affects your team, the product, and our customers. You love to create.
  • You’re accountable for your actions and commitments. We’re also here to support you to make sure you succeed.
  • You are proactive with an innate desire to improve the product and your career. You may kick off new projects and help drive the team towards future improvements
  • You communicate well, early and often. There’s no guessing where you are now, where you are going, and if there are any obstacles. Clear communication is key.
  • You’re inventive and pragmatic. You analyze proposed solutions and either execute with clarity on the solution and/or collaborate on evolving the solution to a more successful implementation.
  • You enjoy collaboration and constructive feedback. You appreciate the sharing of ideas and concepts.
  • You have a passion for quality and an eye for detail. You obsess over the customer's experience and the usability of the product you are building.

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