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Front-End Developer
As a Front-End Developer at, you will take care of our application development with a strong focus on improving the user experience. You will advocate for clients’ needs when implementing new products and features on our web applications.
Minimum qualifications:
● Extensive experience of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
● Experience with package managers (npm), task runners(Gulp, Webpack, Grunt), CSS processors (Sass, Stylus), and APIs (WebSocket)
● Familiarity with various JavaScript standards, libraries, frameworks, compilers, and transpilers including ES6, TypeScript, Babel, Web Workers, React, and Angular
● Extensive knowledge in advanced coding techniques and cross-platform development
● Ability to write high-quality, self-documenting code using test-driven development techniques
● Familiarity with testing and debugging processes,including unit testing and UI testing
● Passion for Linux and other open-source platforms