Senior Software Engineer, Static Analysis

Synopsys | San Francisco, Ca

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7 months ago



Total Funding

$144.1 billion

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3/5 (1600 reviews)

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The Static Analysis team is looking for an exceptional C/C++ developer to join the Coverity team. The job involves the creation of new code checks, evolving Coverity's state-of-the-art analysis infrastructure, optimizing multi-process and system code, and generally pushing the envelope of static analysis. The perfect candidate will have a strong passion for improving software quality and security-- perhaps some background in programming languages and static analysis-- and foremost a strong desire to learn.
This position is ideal if you: * Enjoy abstract reasoning about software systems. * Want to help find critical security vulnerabilities before they go live. * Want to learn about and contrast a variety of programming languages.
You will work in our China Basin office in San Francisco, with easy access to Muni and Caltrain. This is a chance to dive deep into some challenging engineering problems, with the backing of a solid company and top-notch team of coworkers.
Apply at ... or email ahurst at synopsys dot com