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Sequoia Waste - Discovery App | Pittsburgh, Pa

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Discovery's app allows business to audit invoices at the line item level. The system empowers users to audit 100% of their expenses, where their current process may be exception-based ("only audit invoices over $X", etc).
By extracting every invoice at the line item level, we are able to provide powerful reporting for industries like Waste & Recycling, where data is still locked on Invoice PDFs and not available over API.
We're looking for a junior PHP developer to join our team full-time and learn from us. The project runs in Laravel, but is not using the Eloquent ORM, and uses a powerful data-mapper (built on top of the illuminate/database package) to allow for very complex domain-driven entities.
To apply, please visit this page: https://sequoiawastesolutions.applytojob.com/apply/kXtfc0K4o...
sequoiawaste.com discoveryapp.io
Keywords: LAMP, Laravel 6, Vue.js, TDD, DDD, APIs