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£50 - 65k | 0.5 - 1% equity

zeroheight is a Y Combinator company shaping the future of design ops. We believe in practicing what we preach. And we often preach that design is super important — so important that it can be a competitive advantage. That's why we want one of our first 5 employees to be a designer: someone with a stake in the company that can own design and help us create a truly outstanding product ✨


Why should you apply?

Design systems supercharge design and development productivity and unlock resources to solve bigger, more interesting problems. We think that's pretty awesome. That's why we're building zeroheight — so any company in the world can have the same quality of design system tooling that companies like Facebook and Google have.

Right now, we're focused on helping people create a documentation site for their design system. Thanks to our focus on building a great product, we've grown organically to hundreds of paying customers, including companies like Red Bull and The Guardian. We also have the backing of world-class investors like Adobe and Y Combinator.

Joining zeroheight as the first designer is an opportunity to have a huge impact — not just on zeroheight as a company but on the design industry as a whole.

About the zeroheight team

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 We're a (growing!) team of 2 co-founders and 2 product engineers

🌱 We're based in a lovely co-working space in London called Second Home — it's a unique, inspiring place with many, many plants, curved walls and a lovely community of people (and showers!)

🎨 We're design-driven — we think outstanding design gives companies a competitive advantage so we take a lot of pride in the product we're building and listen very carefully to what our users want

😂 We're pretty light-hearted and don't take ourselves very seriously

🌮 We eat lunch together

😴 We avoid long and/or unnecessary meetings and we value asynchronous communication and uninterrupted periods of deep work

📆 We use sprints and issues to track work, but don't go overboard with agile and only introduce processes when it's actually necessary

🤸‍♂️ We have a flexible work-from-home culture and no fixed work hours — we value ownership and judge people by what they deliver, not how many hours we see each other in the office

🎉 It's easy to always focus on the problem that's around the corner even when making great progress, so we make sure to celebrate small wins!

What will you be doing?

We’re a startup, so you should be excited to take on challenges that aren’t in your job description :) That said, your day-to-day will primarily consist of:

1. Researching

Proposing thoughtful solutions to user problems, building prototypes, running user interviews, writing up your findings, discussing them with the rest of the team, and iterating until users are happy

2. Crafting

Creating wireframes, prototypes, UI mockups (we use Figma) and assets for user testing and development

3. Evolving

As the only designer on the team, you'll have full ownership of the product's UX and pro-actively suggest ways to improve the product, our design system and our brand identity

If you're interested, here's a more detailed idea of what you'd be up to in the first 12 months

Are we a good match?

👩‍❤️‍👩 You're looking for a serious relationship

You're really excited about design ops and design systems. You want to get stuck in and work somewhere long enough to have a real impact. You're super ambitious and not afraid of owning design end-to-end as well as taking on more responsibilities as the company grows.

💪 You're a skilled UX designer

You're a smart problem-solver that has amazing taste. On the one hand, you're great at putting yourself in users' shoes and anticipating their problems. On the other, designing a great UI is something that you've done so many times that you can now do it quickly and effortlessly.

🍔 You're a hungry generalist

You're not looking to specialize right now. You have years of experience with the entire UX lifecycle. Despite having strengths, you know how to do it all: research, user testing, user flows, UI mockups, prototypes, handoff, branding etc. You love learning new things and can get up to speed quickly. Never made a 3D animation before? Great! You can't wait to figure it out.

👵 You're a “senior” designer

You're autonomous. You know when to innovate and when to leverage existing solutions. You know when a situation needs a full-blown prototype or if a quick pen and paper drawing will do. You're confident enough in your abilities to handle critical feedback well. You have years of experience under your belt in a variety of team settings working on "real life" products and talking to users. You've used a bunch of different design tools and aren't afraid to learn new ones.

📦 You're a “product” designer

You don't look at UX problems in a vacuum — you can think about them in the context of the overall business: why do users want something? How does it affect the roadmap or the pricing? What are competitors doing? You understand the importance of time-to-market and are familiar with the 80/20 principle: doing just the right amount of work to move things forward.

What else is fun about working at zeroheight?

  • Flexible working hours and work-from-home culture
  • Free boxing, HIIT, yoga, wellness and fitness activities
  • Lunch out with the team every month
  • £1k yearly education budget for online courses and conferences
  • Generous new starter budget to spend on your workspace
  • Unlimited free books

Let's make this happen!

We move quickly and try to keep things simple:

  1. You apply using our very short application form
  2. If you seem to have the right kind of experience, we have a video call to find out a bit more about each other
  3. If things click on the call, you come to our office for the day to discuss your background and past projects in more detail and meet the whole team over lunch
  4. We make a decision within 24h and let you know!

That's it. Now don't be shy ⤵️