Lead Software Architect

Zuhlke Engineering Hong Kong Ltd

Date listed

2 months ago

Job Location

Hong Kong

Employment Type

Full time

Glassdoor Rating

4.5 / 5 (74 reviews)


Live your passion for software development in exciting customer projects and be inspired by your colleagues’ enthusiasm. As a Lead Software Architect, you will be responsible for developing IT architectures of innovative software solutions and provide strategic technology consulting for our customers. You will be exposed to and collaborate with customers from a wide range of industries where you will identify the best solutions for these complex organisations. You are also seen as a coach and mentor to your team members. Our reputation is fundamental to our business, so our culture emphasises quality, reliability, and respect. We value learning new technologies and skills, thus, you will get a generous budget to attend conferences, participate in certified courses, and our annual technical camp is a lot of fun.

Basic Qualifications

• After completing your studies in computer science or equivalent related field (bachelor's/master's), you've continued to develop and you can correctly evaluate new technologies and trends.
• Over several years in your profession, you have gained a broad knowledge of different technologies and methods.
• Your architectural decisions are characterised by non-functional requirements such as availability, flexibility, stability, ease of maintenance, and security while considering economic/business factors.
• On one hand, you are familiar with Enterprise Java/.NET technologies, web-based, and desktop clients, application servers, and relational and NoSQL databases. On the other hand, you know how systems outside the Java/.NET area are integrated and are familiar with technologies like REST, web services, and messaging.
• Expertise in front-end web development in JavaScript and experience with frameworks like ReactJS and Angular are a bonus!
• You have worked with Docker in both development and production environments.
• You have actively contributed to the career development of your colleagues.
• You are an experienced leader and are undoubtably a huge reason for the success of adoption of agile in project teams. You have strong experience working closely with project management teams.
• You are aware of the concrete effects of your architectural decisions at the code level and you discuss them openly with developers.
• You have strong communication skills and you are sensitive to different requirements.

Company Benefits

Develop your talent in a highly qualified environment: Zuhlke offers you networked innovation power and the security of a long-running, international success story. Grow immensely in your career, not only through exciting & interesting projects, but also through our dedication to your development: two weeks of further training per year, a generous individual training budget, training camps, and active knowledge sharing among experts.

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