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Sheetless | London, Uk

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Sheetless is creating an IDE for simulations, helping people to move their knowledge about the systems they know out of their heads and spreadsheets, and into a more helpful tool. We're making it easier for people to understand systems and make better decisions to improve them, whether that's a business, or the environment.
We're a SaaS product, developing using TypeScript/Rust languages. On the frontend we're using a stack of React/Redux/Next.js/Material UI, along with some Rust modules powering the simulations. As one of our first hires, we're looking for someone comfortable and capable to build out new UI/UX around building simulations, with a focus on making things accessible for non-experts.
We're early stage, with initial funding and eager first customers. We're fully remote, but being within a couple of timezones of the UK is preferred.
If you're interested, you can find a full job description and contact details at https://sheetless.io/careers