Design Engineer/Mechanical Genius

Creative Engineering | Bronxville, Ny

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7 months ago

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Job description

Creative Engineering is a product development company specializing in functional products. Our value to our customers is in figuring out a way to make a product do something new, or to solve a problem they can't figure out.

This is a dream job for you if:
• You love to invent novel elegant solutions to engineering problems
• You are most proud of your simplest solutions
• You often solve problems in an unexpected way, or by changing the problem
• You enjoy prototyping and testing your ideas
• New mechanical design challenges are a thrill
• You prefer to work on a wide variety of industries and product types
• You like "blank sheet" design challenges, but also get a creative kick out of solving problems with lots of restrictive requirements.

In this position you will be able to exercise your mastery of mechanical problem solving in a collaborative and fun environment where these talents are highly valued.

See our portfolio for the variety of projects we work on:

• Client communication
• 3D CAD and 2D Drawings (Solidworks)
• Brainstorming, ideation, sketching
• Prototyping (FDM, SLA, SLS, Laser cutter, Lathe, CNC router)
• Maintaining budgets and timelines and recording hours
• Managing vendors (ID, EE, Software, Prototyping)
• Occasionally dropping everything to crunch on a big, important project due yesterday
• Doing whatever you’re good at to help out

• Solidworks or similar parametric CAD software
• Mechanism design
• Design for: Injection molding, sheet metal, machining, casting, weldments, etc.
• Communication

• Salary
• Medical, Dental, and Vision
• Bronxville, NY