Junior Ios Engineer

The Sneakers Agency, Llc | New York, Ny

Date listed

7 months ago

Employment Type

Full time


$40k - $60k

Keywords: jira swift zeplin ios

Sneakers Agency is looking for a Junior iOS Developer who is able to adapt quickly to different types of projects, be able to jump into a new codebase to start fixing bugs and/or expand/add features, write documentation and keep it up to date. We are looking for a candidate who is eager to learn and explore new and better ways to develop & grow..

Our company core values

  • Be Leaders: Do everything we can to lead our customers to success.
  • Pursue Excellence: When other people think something is good enough, we think we can do better.
  • Empathize: See someone else’s point of view in every situation.

Our engineering core values

  • Own what you do: Be able to take ownership over your work and push for excellence.
  • A “Do what it takes to get done” attitude: real drive to meet deadlines and deliverables.
  • A “Work hard, play hard” attitude: be able to have fun and enjoy what you do, and be able to deliver high quality software

If this sounds like some of your values, keep reading and let’s talk.

What you’ll do

  • Write XCTestCases (TDD/BDD)
  • Bug fixing
  • Feature development
  • Process creation/fixing/maintaining
  • Scripting (either for CI or other in-house tools)
  • Document APIs/Software/Architecture
  • Ticket/Task/Feature estimations | pointing
  • Learn, learn, learn

What we’re looking for


  • Fluency in Swift/Objective-C
  • Fluency using Core Foundation and UIKit
  • Understanding of memory management (ARC/Pre-ARC)
  • Understanding of basic Software Design patterns
  • Fluency with iOS Constraint Engine (Interface Builder/Programmatic)
  • Understanding of Network interactions and JSON Parsing


  1. B.S Degree in Computer Science or a related field


  • 1+ year(s) of prior iOS development work experience
  • Contributed to at least 1 iOS application that have been published to the App Store
  • Worked on a team of 2 or more other members
  • Experience using task tracking software such as Jira
  • Experience with Agile/Waterfall development
  • Experience using GIT Version Control
  • Experience using the latest xCode
  • Experience using Zeplin for gathering/implementing layout requirements
  • Experience writing clean/organized/readable code
  • Understanding of MVC / MVVM architecture(s)