Frontend Engineer

Gorgias | San Francisco, Ca

Date listed

7 months ago

Employment Type

Full time


$120k - $150k

Glassdoor Rating

3/5 (6 reviews)

We're looking for talented and motivated frontend software engineers to join us in our San Francisco office.


You should join us if you care about

* Building quality software for customer support agents and improving the overall experience for the end customer. Enough with shitty customer-service!
* Writing rock-solid react and react-native apps with simple and intuitive designs.
* Moving fast and hacking which translates to Trying, Failing, Refactoring, Testing, Profiling and Debugging the living shit out of our code while most importantly Shipping fast!
* Being a great team player and enabling other people in the team with your skills and jokes.

The stack

* Langs: Python3 and FlowJS.
* Libs: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Marshmallow and Restless for APIs, React/Redux for the UI + React Native for the mobile apps.
* DB: Postgres, Redis.
* Task Queue: RabbitMQ + Celery
* Hosting: Google Cloud Platform (we run on Kubernetes)

A more complete list of our Stack:


* Have a significant impact on an ambitious product.
* Included powerful workstation/laptop.
* Visa sponsorship and expenses.
* Competitive salary.
* Free lunch/transportation.