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Sourcegraph's mission is to enable every software developer to create products using the best technology. Read our master plan to learn more about what we're building, and why it matters:
With Sourcegraph, you can instantly search across all of your company's private code using powerful regular expressions, and with our browser extension you can go-to-definition and find-references while you are reviewing code on GitHub and other code hosts. Most of the developers at Uber, Lyft, and Yelp (and more) use Sourcegraph every day.
We are growing our business and our remote-first team to keep up with demand. If you are passionate about making the world better through software, come join us!
Sourcegraph is an equal opportunity workplace; we embrace diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.
Technologies that we use: Go, TypeScript, React, RxJS, GraphQL, Docker + Kubernetes
We’re hiring for the following roles: Software Engineer, Account Executive, UX Designer.
Apply here:

REMOTE FIRST and San Francisco, CA

11-50 employees

$20.0 million in Funding

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