Datawallet Gmbh | Berlin, Germany

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Datawallet offers an end-to-end data consent and identity management platform which helps companies to navigate an increasingly complicated patchwork of data regulation and consumer expectations. Privacy, data and marketing officers alike can increase customer trust by utilizing Datawallet's hassle-free, drag-and-drop workflow interface. The Datawallet admin dashboard provides a customizable user interface to access the scalable, real-time data change-log with a single source of truth across the enterprise, based on blockchain technology.
Help us jumpstart the virtuous cycle of trust and data with irreproachable, ethical data practices.
With most of us wearing many hats in our day to day work, we're looking for experienced software engineers at all levels of the stack. Proficiency with any of the following will be essential:
- Node.js and Go
- AWS (ECS, S3, AmazonMQ, RDS, SQS and Lambda are our most used technologies from AWS)
- Docker
- Cosmos SDK (Polkadot experience also welcomed)
- Terraform
- Browser extensions
- Continuous integration / development