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Join the fastest growing SaaS company that is valued at 1.4B USD.
What are we doing?
* We are bringing the trucking industry online.
* US government made it mandatory for trucks to use Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) which monitors truck's health and drivers' hours of service etc.
* ELD devices are heart beats of trucks. They send tons of information about the truck to our servers.
* We design/manufacture our own ELD devices and we are creating software for those ELDs as well. We are developing software products other than ELDs as well. We have lot of work to do and interesting problems to solve.
Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, GoLang, Java, Scala, ReactJS, graphQL, gRPC, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker etc..
We are hiring BackEnd, Frontend, Android, iOS, Wireless connectivity lead and Embedded Software engineers. We are hiring generalists as well.
1) Our revenue grew from 1M USD to 50M USD within 12 months.
2) We have engineers from Google, Twitter, Uber, etc.
3) We are valued at 1.4B USD.
4) Listed in Forbes Cloud 100 and recognized by Glassdoor as a “Best Place to Work” in 2019 ( )

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Responsive image 501-1000 employees

Responsive image $227.3 million in Funding

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