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Pex | Downtown, Los Angeles, Ca; Boulder, Co

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Pex built one of the largest search engine for audio-visual content ( with primary focus on rights holders and creators.
We're looking for senior engineers for positions listed bellow:

  - C/C++ to help us optimize our algorithms
  - signal processing and machine learning (mostly R&D)  
  - DBA architect (Postgres [with Citus], FoundationDB, others)  
  - Go and Java for work on our backend systems
  - DevOps and SRE folks to help us to scale our services
  - QA to help us to deliver the best bug-free products to our clients
In addition we are looking for skilled Python/C/C++ developers that are interested to get into ML. We will pair you up with our ML team, invest in your education in the field while you help our team to write better, more scalable code.
For all employees, we offer: