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What is the role?

We are looking for a Senior Java Developer to work in the Property Data team at our Rightmove London office.

Note: This role is located in London, UK and is unable to offer visa sponsorship or paid relocation.

Who are the Property Data team? 

  • The Property Data Team look after the automated feed API systems that receive all the properties to list on rightmove. The feed systems receive over 1.5 million calls per day which complete a multitude of functions
  • We also look after technology that runs smart logic for detection of certain data and how to process it
  • We own two legacy systems and ten microservices. The microservices cover a variety of functions that are currently being built up to entirely replace the two legacy systems
  • We are a team comprised of 5 Back End Developers (Includes 1 Tech Lead), 1 QA, 1 BA and 1 Team Lead
  • We use various technologies in the team and Java is the core language supported. We use SQL/Hibernate to query our Oracle Database, Elasticsearch & Kafka to index data that needs quicker access methods, and Spring Boot to build our microservices

A typical week in the Property Data team might involve…

  • Getting involved with and eventually leading the design of a new microservice, its functionality and interaction points
  • Asking our BA to help identify/answer any business requirements for the project
  • Interacting with the Architects to bounce ideas off them to aid large technical decisions with a focus on ‘doing it right the first time’
  • Communicating with developers in other teams where there is cross functionality that needs discussion to achieve seamless integration
  • Having the freedom to identify what work needs doing and where, then being able to prioritise this together with the team
  • Holding a kick off / sign off of a Jira ticket with our QA to ensure all parties are clear on the work required
  • Helping support our customer teams with a query on logic processed against data we hold for a property 

Why join our team?

  • The Team holds a core role within the company, looking after the property data we hold and processing this through various methods so our services have to be robust and well thought through
  • The Teams core goals are:
    • Replacing our remaining legacy systems with microservices using Continuous Delivery
    • Creating a strong set of services that are scalable, maintainable and easily extensible, offering easy interaction points for all other teams to integrate with
    • Continuously sharing and expanding knowledge on the best technologies for our projects and creating well coded examples for others to follow
  • If you love big interesting technical challenges covering various topics, then this is the team for you!

We’re looking for someone who...

  • Loves to help find the best solutions possible when faced with a challenge
  • Looks to share their knowledge with the rest of the team
  • Takes the initiative when they spot an opportunity for improvement
  • Has a good knowledge of Java and web applications
  • Understands TDD and is passionate about delivering well tested quality solutions

Ultimately, we care much more about the person you are, how you think and approach things, than a list of qualifications and buzzwords on a CV. Even if you can’t say ‘yes’ to all of the above, but are smart, self-motivated and passionate about delivering great solutions then get in touch.

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