Bitonic B.V.

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You have been toying around with computers since a young age and have grown your passion into a professional skill set. Your focus is on backend/devops. You consider building scalable, complex systems a worthy challenge. Continuous integration and unit testing are not unfamiliar terms to you. You are able to write clear, structured code that (nearly) does not require any further explanation. In addition to building new systems, you are prepared to transform old code to meet today's requirements.

You are flexible by nature, curious and you thrive in an environment where you have a lot of freedom. You are an independent worker, self-managing en take satisfaction from building innovative and ever-improving systems.

What do we expect from you

  • Experience in web development (PHP) && a strong typed language such as C++|| Go
  • Some properly functioning grey matter (“analytical thinking”)
  • A passion for Bitcoin
  • Some Unreal Tournament or Mario Kart skills

We work in an advanced professionalized production environment using Docker, Saltstack and Git(lab). Some experience and affinity with these platforms is a bonus. Finally, we should mention we try to use open source software wherever we can. Naturally, experience using Linux is desirable.

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