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$12k - $30k

  • Well, there’s not a single person in the world comfortable hunting for a job.
  • Neither does anyone like searching out employees.
  • Why not help each other out? :)

Hey there!

I’m Ales’, BDC Consulting’s CEO. People considering our company, usually look out for these 2 important factors: the company’s objectives and then what’s on the founder’s mind.

Moving forward, let’s first start with the company itself.

Now, our main challenge and transformation goal is the following: Marketing agency -> Consulting agency -> Production studio.

BDC company vision mainly incorporates the world’s top experts in the rapid growth of crypto startups.

The company’s mission lies in guiding our clients to turn them into the next unicorns.

Our business goals are to grow approximately x3-4 per year. That requires the top-notch promotion of leading blockchain/ fintech startups. Seeing as Influencers and bloggers are ruling YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram as a tremendous force in blockchain, we are partnering with them on almost every project. As a Head of Influencer Management, you’ll help negotiate, assess the reputation of channels and audiences, prepare TORs, and make sure influencers are complying with them.

You can check out what’s in the mind of the founder on Telegram, which I started just recently.

You can find the detailed tasks and conditions below.

##What have we already done for you feeling really comfy at work?

  • Crypto Mornings (Each Wednesday the CEO of the company covers a hot topic regarding crypto).
  • We have developed in-house crypto training, also as we bring in the coaches and provide training in different branches of marketing.
  • Telegram chat is a place to share investment ideas and earn extra money.
  • Zero bureaucracy rule, if you want to write to the CEO and ask a question, go ahead and do it :).
  • Working with global markets in the U.S., Europe, Russia, Latin America, etc.

The challenges to be addressed are:

  • Handling the following channels: YouTube, Twitter, Telegram (Reddit, Steemit are optional).
  • Analysis of YouTube channels for clicks and audience relevance ( Evaluating subscriber engagement, content quality; Evaluating the following metrics: CPA, CPM, CPC, etc.).
  • Assisting and helping in the preparation of scripted plans, creatives.
  • Preparing TOR for the video content: title, description, keywords.
  • Twitter, Telegram channel analytics using Social Blade, Popsters, TGstat, and other services.
  • Control over and active search and arrangements with new opinion leaders for all channels placements (in non-stop mode).
  • Shaping media plans (topics, timing, budget, goals).
  • Oversight of timing and quality of implementation of TORs, the output of integrations, reviews, and other advertising campaigns.
  • Preparation of reports with analysis of key campaign metrics.
  • Supervising foreign English-speaking contractors.
  • Building processes for the proper implementation of all the operations.
  • Monitoring the employee’s work, helping them to adapt and fluently run projects.

Our expectations from the candidate are as follows:

  • Upper-intermediate+ English level.
  • Confident understanding of the cryptocurrency as a whole, and of blockchain
  • Communication skills and being loyal, agile in communication and negotiations; being a great person.
  • Multitasking abilities: handling a lot of communication in constant rotation.
  • Content taste - an eye for distinguishing bad content from a good one.
  • A personal active Twitter account is desirable.

What we offer

  • Fixed base + KPI compensation type based on the growing number of community members, the scope of the event (with a link to the course). Both official and without delay.
  • Remote.
  • A mentor provided for the whole period of adaptation. We are always eager to explain, to tell, to teach. We perfectly understand that it takes time even for a professional.
  • Full-time 8 hours, starting from 9 to 10 AM / Part-time.
  • We use Slack for communication and Asana for assigning tasks.
  • We cover up to 80% of your courses, seminars, and training. Our specialists attend different events and are already there to tell us about their impressions.
  • Booklover? We compensate for the purchase of books on specialization with no limitations.

In case you haven’t stopped reading as long as the description goes and realized that you’re definitely a fit in our team - don’t hesitate to apply for the position, and please submit a cover letter.

Please tell us briefly, what is your experience in the blockchain/crypto sphere? How many bloggers have you worked with and in which social networks precisely?

We are looking forward to seeing you in our BDC family:)

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