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C++ & Python & Web (Js, React) Engineering Roles

Hudson River Trading | New York City (Nyc) / Chicago / Austin / London / Dublin / Singapore

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You may have heard of us before, either by reputation or in the news lately. We're a fully automated trading firm (HFT) that prides itself on feeling like a tech company. It's been a good year, and we're looking to expand broadly.
Generalized roles for new grads (other roles are primarily experienced-hire):
https://grnh.se/b5e0772b1us https://grnh.se/22f7206f1us https://grnh.se/864271f71us
My team is looking for Python application developers:
NYC https://grnh.se/66108a3f1us, CHI https://grnh.se/80f6dab31us, ATX https://grnh.se/8e0120da1us, LDN https://grnh.se/3690241a1us, SNG https://grnh.se/85f2ffcd1us
We're also looking for people who like to bridge the gap between C++ and Python
NYC https://grnh.se/33b99ed51us, ATX https://grnh.se/4e1b94a41us, CHI https://grnh.se/5934f0f61us
C++ Systems Devs
NYC https://grnh.se/4ab726661us, CHI https://grnh.se/d5fc1d301us, ATX https://grnh.se/aa0d42301us, LDN https://grnh.se/46914e021us, DUB https://grnh.se/7bb1cfac1us
Web / Full Stack Developers (Yes!)
NYC https://grnh.se/d892fa261us, SNG https://grnh.se/28cd67091us
Trading Strategy Developers, aka Quants / Quantitative Analysts (you should really like statistics to consider this role)

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