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Help us create a simple path to financial success for everyone

At Stablegains we enable users to reach their financial goals by providing simple ways to earn high yield on their cash powered by Decentralized Finance. We do so because we believe that when more people are financially successful we create a better future. Our ambition is to enable millions of investors across the globe to create a better financial future. And we’d like your help.

Learn more about us and our ambitions here!

Join us if you are looking for life defining work

Why join Stablegains now?

1) You get a shot at making a meaningful impact for millions of people

We are solving a fundamental problem that impacts everyone. Whether our users invest to buy a house, send their kids to college, retire early, or something else the potential impact of reaching their financial goals is massive. Your job will be to help us deliver on that promise and enable as many people as possible to create a better future for themselves.

2) Grow and become the best version of yourself

We take personal development seriously. We are open to each other about what each of us want to learn and how we want to grow. We help each other, give each other candid feedback, and hold each other accountable. At Stablegains you can take all the responsibility you can carry. And when we make mistakes, we reflect and learn. Our goal is to help you realize your full potential and become the best version of yourself.

3) You will be a key player in our team

We are building the core team. We envision a tight knit and fast moving unit. We hire you to be a key player on that team. We need you to own your work and tell us what you think we should do. We will help you be as creative and productive as you can. We want you to make decisions and own your results. Ultimately, we are looking for people who we couldn’t build Stablegains without.

About this role

In this role, you will help us tackle the challenges that will inevitably come when scaling the business, and will help us make sure that we continue to serve our customers well throughout that process.

We're a tiny team, so particularly in the early days you'll need to be a business generalist. As we grow, you'll be able to grow into and prove yourself in whatever role best fits your aspirations.

Your contribution will be critical to making Stablegains successful in providing real value to millions of people.

Things you might be working on

  • setting up and automating various processes
  • drafting articles and announcements about our product and business
  • speaking with and helping our customers
  • researching our competitors' businesses and products
  • providing creative input on and testing new features
  • helping us put out fires that tend to arise in fast-growing startups

You're a great candidate if

  • You have experience in a business/operations-related role at a startup.
  • You've dealt with (sometimes stressed or confused) customers before.
  • When faced with an organizational problem, you're great at quickly researching and implementing a practical solution.
  • You are responsible, diligent and detail-oriented. You can set up and take ownership of a business process.
  • You have basic creative skills and can produce both text and simple graphical mockups.
  • You like automating and hate doing the same thing more than once.
  • You are entrepreneurial and thrive when faced with the opportunities and limitations of startup life.

You'll get bonus points if

  • You've dabbled with crypto and DeFi.
  • You have a good understanding of our competitive landscape, particularly crypto-powered savings and investment tools.

Some practicalities

  • This is a fully remote, full time position.
  • You can choose your own hours as long as you’re in Europe.


  • Our goal is for everyone's compensation to be aligned with how well the company as a whole is doing. As such, we are very happy to compensate everyone with significant equity stakes, as we believe they will substantially grow in value.
  • Our budget for this role is $40,000 - 50,000 annual compensation + an equity stake.

We do not partner with recruiters and agencies for any of our roles.

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